Being a first generation American, I grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles.  I absolutely love to hustle and outwork my competition. With a full-ride scholarship, I received a BFA with honors from the prestigious ArtCenter College of design where I studied film and advertising.


I had the unique opportunity to learn from the creative minds of mentors, Gary Goldsmith (Chiat/Day), Tom Cordner (Chiat day), Andrew Harlow (Creative Director), Ross Lamanna (Rush Hour), Affonso Beato (DP/The Queen), Ken Aguado (Producer), Doug Eboch (Sweet Home Alabama) and David Kellogg (Anonymous Content)


With a love for boxing, my work is focused on creating sports and lifestyle commercials. I believe boxing is an elegant and intellectual sport. Being in the ring is exhilarating, just like being in Los Angeles. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty when it comes down to business, I strive under adversity and I deem that embracing the suck is the key to success. I love to win and competition only makes me stronger. I always consider myself the last line of defense.


I am fascinated with storytelling and compelled to create unique characters the audience can relate to on an emotional level. With an understanding of the medium for sells and art, it's my goal to make every project distinct and special for each client.